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It's a good idea to read the docs before downloading. mkws@4.0.5.tgz contains the amd64 Linux binaries.

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A UNIX like operating system is recommended like macOS, Linux or BSD variant (our favorites are OpenBSD and Void Linux). Also, familiarity with the command line is good to have. mkws(1) can also run on Windows via the Windows Subsystem for Linux.

Installation (applies to Linux)

You'll have to download Once you have the archive, unpack it and rename the newly created directory:

mkdir -p ~/src/
cd ~/src/
tar -xzfv ~/Downloads/mkws@4.0.3.tgz

Make web site

Create an index.upphtml file, it will be preprocessed with pp(1), and run ./bin/mkws with the url of your web site:

cat <<EOF > index.upphtml
echo hello, world

You can create more *.upphtml files to make additional pages, the layout file is held in ./share/l.upphtml.

Also, you can always modify your ./bin/mkws script, if it's the case.


Because pp(1) uses sh(1) internally, double quotes (") must be escaped in templates, so to get an actual double quote (") you have to write \". This isn't a problem for HTML because double quoting(") attribute values is optional and double quotes (") and single quotes(') are interchangeable. We recommend not quoting attribute values and using single quotes (') in special cases.